5 Best Media Server Software You Must Try For Streaming in 2020

Best Media Server Software

Best Media Server Software- 5 Best Media Server Software You Must Try For Streaming in 2020: All over the world the role of entertainment cannot be over emphases, in that it plays a great role in transforming our mindset towards the happening around our environment.

Most time we keep looking for different media service, sometime we continue scrolling on a search engine to research for the best media server software to use.

But after this effort toward researching for the best media server software to use a lot of us still find it hard to reach or the get satisfaction or the output we want. However this post is centered to provide you all the output and satisfaction that will wow you.

We all know that most time we regularly searching for some of the best media server tools to satisfy our need for either multi-device online streaming service or DLNA server software when we want to stream a high-quality media, based on aboved, needs we have listed below some trustworthy names among the various universal media server software that you will be thankful after using them. This media server apps available for Linux, Windows Mac, etc.

Before we proceed, let’s list some or most important highlights on media server:

• It was designed for Android, Windows, MAC, Linux, iOS, and Chromecast.

• You will have access to the Remote control

• Has many international languages as well as subtitle opportunity.

• Availability of multiple themes.

• Free and available of media software on the home page to download and install.

• Availability of multiple plugins alternative.

• Easy and simple installation process

• The software has a high quality of video and audio content.

• Includes radio, movies, games, sports, news, , audio songs etc

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Top 5 Best Media Server Software List:

1. Kodi

Kodi was formally was known as XBMC, it is one of the best media server software which is famed for developed own easy operational process. Kodi is know because of it multilanguage media server software.

It has various interesting themes with many plugins which has shown to be helpfu. It has developed for Linux, Android, Windows, IOS, and MAC. Kodi becomes more famous because of its support to various famous platforms.

Kodi is also as free of cost home theater and alternatively, however, Kodi paid version with very cheapest price it is also available on the website of Kodi.So what are you waiting for you can check out this tool without delay.

2. Plex

Before KODI came, Plex was the most popular tool but its success rate chart still is amazing. Plex has all the plugins and supports around 43+ languages and with subtitles. You can see it on Windows, Mac, Android, IOS, etc

3. Media Portal

Media portal software it is limited to Windows and also storing the good review and rating. It has a many types of supported skins and plugins. Also it has been proven to be the best alternative for media server software being a Windows customer.

4. Younity

Younity is one of the big media servers software. It has different skins and plugins to make it easy, simple and quick for you when you want to use. Also you can use it on Windows, IOS, Linux, , and MAC.

It has a special features which can access your files such as photos, video, media, or any document automatically

5. Madsonic

Madsonic is one of the best media server software. It has one of the best quality video and audio, they are third-party hosting server and they are the own server which hosted there platform.

Madsonic applicable to Windows, Mac os, IOS, and Linux. it also has various number of plugins and themes.


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