Apply for Walmart Credit Card 2019 – Walmart Credit Card Application Form

Walmart Credit Card Application

Apply for Walmart Credit Card 2019 – Walmart Credit Card Application Form: With Walmart credit card you will have some discount percentage bonus over the expenses you made as to the user of Walmart credit card. So, what are you waiting for?

Save 3 percent on today when you make use of Walmart credit card to purchases things, also when you purchase at the filling station you will save up to 2 percent on Walmart.

Walmart is one of US multinational shopping outlet that offers quality online services, with about 11,368 stores worldwide, that operates a hypermarket with the discount department and lots more.

Walmart Credit Card Application

Conversely, the aim of this post is on the steps on how to apply for Walmart credit card 2019 and save small cash for yourself, how to create or apply for Walmart credit card. So enjoy the benefit of Walmart credit card 2019 and save some money as you spend. Remember if you make some purchases on an opening day, attracts some discounts.

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Walmart Credit Card unique Features

• Make all your purchases at a reduced price.
• No hidden charges or even annual fee.
• When you shop offline you can save up to 3% percent on Walmart.
• Get enough discount when you shop using credit card.
• It has countless benefits.
• Easy access to your FICO Score.
• card is yours all the time because does not expire.

Walmart Cards

Herein are some other cards you can acquire from Walmart aside Walmart Credit cards, herein
• Walmart Gift Cards
• Walmart prepaid debit card
• Walmart credit card.

Walmart Credit Card 2019: How to Apply for In-store

For you to meet up the basic requirement for this application you have to do it through online on in store.
• Note that you have to be 18 years or above and
• You must have a US mailing address as well as SSN.
• Ensure you have a credit score of at least.
• Review and keep your credit reports open,
• Thereafter apply in the store.

Walmart Credit Card Application: How to Apply for online

• Visit Walmart website at
• Click on create an account, enter the following details your name, email address and password to create Walmart account.
• Enter this following details as well:
• Street address, zip code, city and state
• Primary phone number, alternate phone number
• Date of birth
• Last 4 digits of SSN/ITIN
• Annual Net Income
• Finally, click on continue.
• Follow the steps and instructions to create your account and then apply for the card.

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