Van Dijk Wins The Men’s Best Player Award- UEFA Best Player

Van Dijk Wins The Men's Best Player Award

Van Dijk Wins The Men’s Best Player Award- UEFA Best Player:  Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk has been named UEFA Men’s Player of the Year for 2018/19.He becomes the first defender to win the UEFA Player of the year award in the history of UEFA. It may interest you to know that he is playing in the same era as Ronaldo and Messi. UEFA revealed the vote cast for the top three in the Men’s Best Player Award.

Van Dijk Wins The Men’s Best Player Award- UEFA Best Player:

The number of votes cast in the top three in the Men’s Best Player Award is as follows:

Van Dijk Wins The Men's Best Player Award

Van Dijk (Liverpool-England) got in a total of 305 points

Messi ( Barcelona-Spain) got in total 207 points while

C Ronaldo ( Juventus-Italy) got in total 74 points 

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However, Messi and Ronaldo have been view in the history of football as the greatest and most respected rivalry in sports history. During the UEFA award, Messi and Ronaldo were seen talking to each over and over.

A press lady to asked we haven’t had you both for a while but while you both are here, we notice you been talking a lot Do you miss him? Messi replies in Spain language while Ronaldo replied in English language saying ‘’ I was cautious because we shared the same stage 15 years me and him.

I don’t know if it has even happened in football, the same two guys in the same stage all the time so, is not easy as you know. And of course we share a good relationship, we have not had dinner together yet but I hope in the future.  

The press lady cheered up saying ‘’ you bring Monaco to life!!!’’ People started clapping. CR7 went further to say that he misses playing in Spain. We (Messi and I )have that battle last 15 years, which is good he pushed me and I push him as well, so is good to be part of the history of football, I am there, of course, he is there as well.

He was further asked that, you had a recent interview and it was taken out of context saying you are going to retire next year I think is very clear for you that you are not retiring just yet you will be around for a while can we just ask you to make sure you retire at the same time as Messi

CR7 in responding said he’s two years younger than me, but I think I look good for my age. I hope to be here next year and in two years and three years. So, people who don’t like me, they are going to see me here.  

Indeed it was a next to remember

Van Dijk Wins The Men's Best Player AwardCongratulations to Van Dijk for winning Men’s Best Player Award and others. See you next year. Bye…

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